An Inside Look at the Florida Foodies

From Lacey:


Blogging has always been a hobby of mine. I started blogging when I was 12. I used to write about what crush I had at the time, the current events of my almost teenage life, how I couldn't wait to be an adult (what was I thinking?!) and your typical teenage 'woe is me' post. This was something that I actually looked forward to and the words would flow with my fingers on the keyboard. Growing up, life got ahead of me and I stopped blogging and started focusing on making my way towards a career. What is it about becoming an adult that makes you believe you can't make a career out of your hobbies? I have to thank my husband for giving me the confidence and encouragement for getting out of my comfort zone and building this blog.


My favorite thing in this whole world is food, wine, and good company. You could take me traveling around the world and i'll be the first to look up the best or the most unique spots to eat. I'm always thinking about food (and wine). As strange as it may be, as a child I was the most picky eater, but I grew out of that nonsense quickly. There's not too much I won't try, but don't quote me on that. (Jacob knows that I'm still kind of picky.)


I work your typical corporate 9-5 job. I get to help senior's live a more productive life and it's been more than rewarding. I love that I'm helping others; aside from food, it's one of my greatest passion's in life. Though I love what I do, there's still the corporate end of the job that brings me still wanting a little more out of life. Something I can come home to and enjoy after work, all while still helping others in some fashion. After a good meal and a solid night of brain storming, I came up with the idea for this blog. My hope for you is that you'll love learning and trying foods from Florida and beyond with me. My hope is that I can help your taste buds jump for joy!

From Jacob:


I love food, It's never been a secret... Only slightly ashamed, yet ever-unchanged. I love food, but after years of self-searching and Ma-slow driven self-reflection and self-realization of my compulsive inclinations, third-party interventions, and the development of effective coping mechanisms, I'm strong enough to finally acknowledge... I love food. My name is Jacob Plotz and I love food. I love all types of food: smoked, battered, un-battered, FRIED (capitalized for a reason), SAUTEED (same reason), seasoned, sometimes unseasoned, baked, grilled, steamed, flambed, sous vide'd, bewitched. So as you could imagine when I heard that my wife, the beautiful love of my life, the answer to my why, the logic to my insanity, the reason to my existential debate, the butter to my biscuit, the gravy to my mash, the peanut-butter to my jelly, the oil to my vinegar, the jock to my strap, wanted to start a food blog, I could not help but jump on board. Little did I know what she was planning.


Hello, my name is Jacob and I am a foodie. All this time I thought I was a bottomless pit or A.K.A. garbage disposal, oral junkyard of organic debris, grandma's savior, buffets' scourn, italian dream, but I have come to realize that food serves more than the one purpose I thought it served. It can be a source of comfort (hashtag I don't promote this...  spelled out b/c no one should actually acknowledge #'s on principle), it can be a source of fuel (for those seeking higher purpose. ie. Fitness, physique, etc...),  medicine (those dealing with deficiencies, auto-immune disorders, celiac disease, crohn's, ulcerative colititis, done with the processing, etc.), cancer (arguably the same as the aforementioned), and surviving on principal (getting by on taste and knowledge of health). I love food more than most but I am bound by logic and sustainability, and the fact is that the less human intervention is involved, the more the nutrition will be on point. Yet sadly, taste usually is inversely related to nutrition... My purpose on this blog is to ad balance to both. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. bon appetit!