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Eating Our Way Through Savannah

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Savannah has become one of our favorite weekend get-a-ways and a complete necessity being that it is less than 3 hours away from our home. We absolutely love it there! From the old southern feel to the beautiful lush live oak trees and Spanish moss, to the best comfort food ever, we'd highly recommend this for anyone's travel list. We are no travel experts, but we bet any avid traveler would recommend a taste of Savannah.

Lacey has personally been to Savannah a few times, so our last trip there was a complete delight for her because she couldn't wait to show Jacob just how amazing this Georgia town is and what's even more amazing, the FOOD! You don't go to Savannah just to see the beautiful sites, you go to Savannah to try the unbelievable comfort foods! We were only there for 3 short days, but we got to experience quite a few delectable's.

Our first stop upon arriving and also Lacey's personal favorite, was a restaurant right off of Bay Street. Treylor Park is a very unique and uplifting restaurant with an eclectic menu. When we say unique, we mean the inside looks about how a small trailer would be decorated (hence the name...), they play movies while you eat and the menu is not like anything you've seen before! When was the last time you looked at a menu and saw an option for PB&J chicken wings?! If you want a dining experience like no other, this is the place to go!

What we had:

Lacey's order -

Appetizer: Shared plate of avocado fries

Entree: Shrimp & Grit Tacos

Jacob's order -

Appetizer: Shared plate of avocado fries

Entree: Charcuterie Board

The next day as we were strolling along downtown, we made our next stop. Another one of Lacey's favorite spots. We are definitely pizza lover's, so this was no question. We had to stop at VinnieVanGoGo's! THE BEST pizza place in town! They serve New York style pizza along with other forms of Italian decadence. You'll find this restaurant right off of W. Bryan St.

Pro tip: Be sure to stop at an ATM before arriving, they only accept cash. We promise it'll be worth the stop!

What we had:

Lacey's order -

Entree: Two large slices of pepperoni and mushroom pizza Jacob's order -

Entree: Cal-zone with pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and olives

Our last morning in Savannah, we woke up early and decided to stroll around some of the beautiful parks. Our stomach's started rumbling and we decided to leave it up to chance on where we would decide to eat. "Let's just see what stands out to us."We ended up on W. Broughton St. and saw this sign "THE BEST DANG BISCUITS & DONUTS" How can you not stop at a place with this sign? The restaurant is actually called Rise Biscuits Donuts. But in all honesty we believe the sign we saw first should be their true name. Absolutely STOP HERE if you can! This is NOT false advertising! When we say mouth-watering, dripping, cheesy, best biscuit we've ever had in our entire life, we promise you this is the truth! You might have a bit of a wait, but nevertheless, it's worth it.

What we had:

Lacey's Order -

Entree: Southern Deluxe chicken biscuit Jacob's Order -

Entree: Classic chicken biscuit

Although we were limited on time during our last trip, it definitely wont be our last! We've already made our Savannah foodie bucket list for our next trip there and we're super excited to share it with you!

  • The Olde Pink House

  • Leopald's Ice Cream

  • Zunzi's

  • Mrs. Wilkes

  • Vic's on the River

Have you been to any of these places? Share with us your experience, we'd LOVE to know!

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